Saturday, September 5

London,I am missing you.

Malam tadi, asked a friend, "Where's your piano?" All of a sudden when I never own one, didn't know how to play it pun. Samalah if people randomly come to you and ask, "Where is your husband?" when you didn't even get married pun.

Sesopan dan sejujur mungkin I make an expression that I didn't have any idea on what you are talking about.

I didn't blame you for being confident enough to ask that question, randomly. Or being random enough picking me up like I'm one of the million candies in a jar. But come on, isn't a year enough for us to at least know each other's name or everyone's faces? At least I put some effort to do that.

That is why,I am comfortable flinging around people who knew who I am, not around people who see me as just one of the million faces on the streets, that I was seen merely as a shadow,reflecting the rays that gave any notice towards you and you.

On the other note, I miss London. Come another summer and I'll surely be there again. To fall in love with you again, for the thousand times in my life. For I know that only you dedicated the greatest appreciation towards my presence.