Monday, September 14

I was twenty.

Lantaran kesibukan-I don't-know-what, tarikh 13 September tahun ini gagal disematkan dalam blogspot. I was thinking of writing last night, before the clock hits 12am, tapi lab report microbe 421W pula menjadi penghalang.

Selamat Hari Lahir untuk diri sendiri.

Twenty one.
Young and inglorious, starving for challenges. Well, bila ada angka dua leading in your age, sepatutnya I think I should feel different, feel growing up. But I don't think that is what I feel, at least not for now.

Sebaliknya, I feel as if I were 16, living in a body of a 21 years old girl. Insane? Yes it is. Next year it will be twenty two,three,four and six. Come thirty and I'll freak out,maybe.

Enjoying every single moment in life is what I treasure most.Twenty one and am proud of myself ; for being able to live thousand miles away from family which not many kids eager to do,for flying for love across the continent alone, for loving the same guy for the last 5 years, for having had the opportunity to be at some great places in the world, for having such a good,crazy circle of friends.

Twenty one.
Terima kasih cinta untuk ini, at least that is something so-not-you I think.Sejujur itu,you make me melt,as always.Sejujur itu,now that I know it's killing you,too. Thanks friends for making it a memorable one.

Tutup buku 20. Was locked, sealed and thrown away into the deep ocean, along with its key. Buku dua-puluh-satu, saya mahu hiasi dengan cerita-cerita indah sahaja. I repeat, yang indah sahaja.

Twenty one it is. A happy twenty one it will be.