Wednesday, September 30

Bidadari Syurga

Sometimes, crying and screaming do nothing.

Dan kadang kala, bila sesuatu itu menjadi sesuatu yang lazim, you'll find nothing interesting in it anymore.

Kalau hari hari dapat makan nasi beriani ayam madu, masuk hari ke 20, dah muak, dah tak boleh bezakan nasi hari keberapa yang lagi sedap. Bila kat depan kedai mamak pun dah tak lalu nak pandang nasi beriani ayam madu.

Why does it happen? Sebab ia telah menjadi satu benda biasa.Kelaziman.Kebiasaan.Lumrah harian.
Hari hari lalu depan signboard "Hollywood" in California, you don't feel like taking pictures there pun, compared if you go there once in your lifetime.


Well,Tuesday night is the last night for all the shit this week. Went home with a happy walk,happy face, with nothing that can drive me bananas. Devoted all myself in the small cute kitchen experimenting with a new recipe. It turn out good, according to roomates.

Happy food, happy stomach.

Watched "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" just now. It was funny. Two times better, two times cuter than Up.
It makes me wonder what will happen if foods are raining down to Earth.

Perhaps I would just open my mouth waiting for the ice cream to fill mine up, would just standing in the field holding a plate waiting for burgers to pour down, would bear winter much more as the snow will turn out as ice creams rather than those slippery common snow, wouldn't have to cook.

How sweet.