Sunday, August 2

Where did you sleep last nite?

I have a wild imagination.

No no,don't get me wrong as it's not some wild fantasies of dating some pop stars in the club and woke up the next day choked to see pictures of me with Chace Crawford in Vogue, People or OMG!, got famous and suddenly chased by paparazzi.

So. It was an imagination. Abnormal one.

I took a train,it was raining hard along with a thunderstorm that I couldn't hear the sound of the hit and all I realized it split into two, went upside down sending thousands of passengers to God.

Leaving me not to smell the freshness of rain but the sweet disgusting bloods.

I was at the hotel room on a vacation, happily enjoy my sleep thinking of where to head the next day to suddenly feel the evilness that shakes the building from pride to ashes. Whether it's a bombing or an earthquake told no differences.

I felt numb, where screaming does not do any good,at least it changes nothing.

I was everywhere.
Could be in Iraq to walk on the dead land. Could be in the deep dark sea to dine in at Crusty Crab. Could be on the moon grinning and looking at the Earth that at least observing from outer space is thousand times easier with a greater satisfaction.

I can be anywhere.Perhaps right next to you,smiling?Checked me out under your bed will you? Haha