Saturday, August 8

This one is for you,Cik Dieyla and your Crocs biru.

Masih ingat ini?
Ada banyak lebihan dari itu, sebenarnya.Dan ada sepasang kasut Crocs biru tanpa sebarang aksesori, naked.So I think you can guess,kan?

I don't know what's the price of a Crocs here in Malaysia, but in US, you can grab up to 2 pairs for a price of 5USD. Yeah,no kidding!

A friend of mine is wearing the same blue Crocs as mine. Told her I got the same but with some buttons on which I sew by myself and she asked me how.So,here's for you Dieyla sayang.

I got some emails as well asking how to sew buttons on the shirts/pants/or even on scarfs. Some even asked if I took any orders or selling stuffs with buttons.

The answer my dear is, no. I don't sell those stu
ff and this is just merely a hobby.

But here are some tips for you guys on how to sew buttons on your Crocs to make it rocks!

- Crocs lebih keras,so guna jarum yang lebih tebal dan juga panjang, and in my case I only use benang biasa with different colors. That easy! It took me about 20mins to do it. Seeee,sng kan?
You guys should give it a try! I'm in blue,she's in pink :)

ps: Sorry as I didn't take pictures during the process.