Monday, August 24

That sticky thing is agar-agar haha

So. I've jumped into a 20 hours flight,waving goodbye,leaving my heart home. Slept like a mad woman in Hong Kong for a 12 hours transit. Had hundreds of boxes to unload from the storage into my new place. Unpacked all the stuffs including tonnes of spices, piles of clothes, few boxes of shoes.

Yeah. I was freaked out redha to realize that Ramadhan is the next day when I just arrived; when I was overwhelmed with jetlag, when everything was still out of place, when only nasi,ikan kering and telur goreng were all we could prepare for sahur.

Sigh. Classes started today, and I'm not excited. I'm more excited that my new place is thousand times nearer than the last year's. I'm in love with the new room as well, where most of my things are in pink and purple. Haha, yeah that girlish. Well, who cares anyway?

Have a good fasting time,people!
Am going to masak agar-agar.Hip hip hoorey.