Monday, July 13

Let's sneak into my room. You can stay in my toilet.

It is like some fairytales where a frog follows a princess where ever she goes, hoping that someday the princess will notice and kiss him with full of her loves and in return, it turns out to be a prince charming.

Unlike in some fairytales, frog in real life isn't a prince.

So here I am, being a rabun since the past 7 years, I dashed to the toilet as soon as I woke up, wouldn't care to wear glasses. That's the routine. As I stepped in, I saw something jumping around like some silly jumping toys.

With a blurry but logical sight I noticed that it was a frog. So there I was,shouting and jumping along with the ugly black frog, trying to digest the fact that my toilet is a new home to this creature. I am so scared to take a bath or even to do a simple thing like brushing teeth!

Urghh, I wonder how it can sneak into my toilet.
and up until this moment, he's still there.

wait a minute.

or should I kiss him and watch him turn out to be a prince?
Oh imagination. Runs wild.