Wednesday, June 10

Hello, I am a girl with beard and sweat is my middle name.


I think I am turning into crisps, kerepek or cekedis. Kerepek pisang or ubi. I am turning into a perempuan berjanggut as well.

I almost forget what avg.urlseek means and I also forget how it feels to sweat like some raining seasons. Not anymore since they've become my bestfriends. I'm turning into cekedis mcm Super Ring as I think it's hotter nowadays.

Like seriously, even if I just wear a very thin layer of top along with a short, I still can produce a cup of sweat. I swear! It's freaking 35 celcius,man. It's not that I'm complaining that it's hot, but I'm thinking of what is happening to Earth. Curse global warming. Shame on human. Boo.

Turning into perempuan berjanggut is even more interesting. Imagine me with goatie? Haha.Not that kind of janggut but the kind when you gotta wait for something.

I have to wait like for more than 36 hours (which actually can be done in less than 20 minute); to download Adobe Flash and Illustrator. Ridiculouslah mcm ni kalau nak log in facebook pun kena tunggu 5 minit,after trying for million times. Uploading pictures, downloading TV series or watching movie online? Dream on. Streamyx laju? Boo.

I am not complaining. I am just hoping for something better, at least. Yawn.