Sunday, June 7

Blissfully blessed

genap seminggu di rumah.Yes,I am home, safely here.

Summer.It was indeed a cold summer day with foggy,hazy sky and a yellow sun that no longer gave off any heat, and that was the day I took a flight home.

Home. It is undeniably the greatest place on Earth. I've been to Rome, Paris, Venice and London but no place on earth can beat home,ever.I swear. It felt so right to be here. It allowed me to return to and continue to live my every seconds with pleasure.

Surrounded by familiar faces, mother tongue language, and million choices of food makes me realize that this is what I've been yearning for. I can feel endless love here. I can taste the feeling of appreciation and feel so blessed.

50% of the must eat food were completed. I'm pretty sure that I can finish them all in the next 2 months. Oh oh, I haven't got the chance to go to the beach, I've been yearning for it too. Perhaps in the next coming days.

Surely will.