Thursday, May 14

Wishing upon stars

Do I need a PA
or a list like this will do?

-laundry: half way done
-looking for boxes: half way done
-reading "The Reader": up until chapter 13
-call Cathay Airlines for confirmation: tomorrow
-pay for August's rent:tomorrow
-pay phone bills: tomorrow
-buy MAS ticket: tomorrow
-buy souvenirs: 95% complete

-packing stuff: I don't know when it will end

This is it.
Since I'll be moving out from Allen Park end of this month, I have to pack up A LOT of things by 21st May. Trust me,I've a lot of stuff to be packed and put into boxes. Like seriously mountainss of them! Pening.Pening.

The main problem is of course, clothes. I'm thinking of selling my old-tak-berguna-dah clothes to Plato's Closet since they buy and sell out second hand clothes. Got some money $$ then.Good good.

Now it's time to promise myself to get all the things done by the end of next week.
Note to self: Jangan malas malas kemas ye Amirah.You have to.

Have a good night people! :)