Friday, May 22

Tonight, I whisper your name to the sky.

A beautiful emotion created by God.

If you were to ask me what love is all about,I'd say it's the opposite attracts that counts.

Let's see how it goes;

He loves Manchester United, I hate watching football.
He loves mutton curry, I hate them.
He look down on all sorts of bawang, I love them to death.

He's good at words, I'm a sucker at that.

He's very particular about cleanliness while I can just throw away my jeans on the floor.

He's very systematic that he will arrange all of his stuff neatly while I'm more than ok if my books are all over on and under my bed.

We're two different people; compliment each other.

You are my super duper best friend, my fantastic bitching partner, my advisor, my man and the best boyfriend alive.

To love you is something amazing, to be loved by you is amazing, I am so amazed that I've found someone amazing like you. Together, we created this amazing love story; an amazing love story of you and me.

I want to grow old with you
, to have the same grey hair like yours, to take a stroll with you by the seashore and hold your wrinkly hands, to smile at you the same smile when we first met, even when my teeth are all gone and my face is full of wrinkles.

I love you and will always do.

Welcome to the 5th year, honey.

Happy Anniversary.