Sunday, May 17

A promise made not to be broken

I don't know how to write this down.

And I'm not sure whether I should publish this publicly. No,it's not something personal.

Hurm,how should I start?

Ok,I have a friend. Childhood friend I would say. Back during those primary days,she would always wait for me before going to school. Every single morning. No matter if I was late,or was selfish enough to finish up my breakfast and let her wait.The same things went when the bells were ringing for home.

Times flew anyway.There goes high school and college life.
We hardly see each other eversince.Twice a year perhaps?

Honestly, she hardly came across my mind until last week mum asked if I still remember her.Yes,of course I do. I thought she was going to get married or something,but I was so wrong.She died. Al-fatihah. In an accident. With her boyfriend. No,her boyfriend did not die.

I was so shocked but no tears came pouring down on my cheek. Feelings were all mixed up.Her dad was even more surprised as she said that she's going home by bus,not by car drove by a boyfriend. She lied and she died. Leaving her mum and dad upset.Man,things happened anyway. And I am pretty sure she has all the reasons for doing that.

Here goes the lessons;I know I'm not a good daughter too.Tipu sunat here and there.But with what has happened to my own friend,I am so afraid. Afraid of lying to my parents.

And today,I made a promise to try my hardest not to lie to my mum and dad.
Hope you'll do the same too.