Tuesday, May 5

Let's play sexy.

There are two sexy voices on my current playlists; Zee Avi & Rachel Yamagata.

Dua dua saya suka. Mereka punya suara seksi sekali.
Terutama chorus first from Rachel;
"If I could take you away,Pretend I was queen,What would you say?"

Oh man, I am high on ecstasy listening to her whispers.Sounds lesbo? Let it be. Haha.
If this song happened to sound familiar to you, probably because you've heard that in one of the One Tree Hill's episodes.

Of Zee,was first introduced to her back in 2007,where it was still zaman Kokokaina.Sgt sway. Her debut album will be coming along this May 19th.

And told cha her eyes is
soo sexy lah! Lesbo lagi. Haha. Wateva! :D