Saturday, May 9

Have I told you that you're so beautiful?

She made who I am today.

If I were to cut my body into two,half of me is hers.
Half. As I am not as strong as her.As I am not as wonderful as her.

I was 19.
Soaking all wet in tears leaving home to the white land.She cried not even a single bead of tear. Hugged me close to her,told me not to forget sembahyang and mengaji.

I was 17.
Staying up doing homework and studying. Those years when SPM means EVERYTHING. She never failed to knock on my door and make me a cup of coffee. Eventually lay on my bed, reading newspaper. No, I never went to boarding school.

I was 14.
Afraid of undergoing a surgery. Operation, something BIG for a 14 years old girl. She held my hand tight, giving me the spirits. Recite a doa praying that everything will be alright.

I was 6.
She read me bedtime stories and my favorites would be Little Red Riding Hood. I would held my little brown teddy bear everytime and would fell asleep on her chest.

and she would kissed me on the forehead, recite me a doa and usap my head.
and that continues every night, until the day I went to Intec.

Mama, and tonight I miss you.
Happy Mother's Day