Saturday, May 2

Happy Feet,Happy Walk

When it comes to shoes, I can be very choosy.

I think feet is the most essential part in my body.and if they are happy,I'll have a happy walk with them and they made my day. It's a sudden when I realized I no longer have a comfy shoes to walk on; since my beloved Adidas is now resting in peace somewhere in Angouleme.

Sometimes there is, but the weather that keeps on changing changes the suitability of my shoes.
So,I've been eying these 3 pair of shoes but just can't decide which one is better and which one is more comfortable.

I heard Keds is extremely comfy. Converse looks good as well. And I think not Adidas or Nike at this moment,please. I do not want to buy fancy shoes or heels (no-no), but ended up not wearing them as they are ridiculously eating my feet.

So I'm down to 3 pairs. Yellow Converse, Red Keds or Blue Keds? (or should I buy them all?) I had enough of plain white or black. I need colors.

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Care to help me decide?