Thursday, May 7


Shivering.Back to an empty home.Empty and cold.
Hungry.Shivering.Shiver.Shiver.Body temperature rise.
Well,now I'm undeniably hot. Hot.Hot.Hot.Hot because I got a flu.Hot!.

Don't choose swine.Please.

Bed Bed.I need bed.I am glued up to bed now.
Sleep.sleep.Head spinning.Spin.spin.spin.

Final paper tomorrow.Luck Luck I need luck;

and a panadol or paracetamol and a good sleep.

Bit,thanks for the care and susah susah cari panadol untuk aku.
Rumate masak bubur untuk saya.

Gugur setitis air mata untuk kamu.

Oh hati saya memang halus dan sangatlah fragile.