Wednesday, April 29

I ruined your lust.

Just like the drugs and the cigarettes,
It didn't turn out as the way I expected it to be.As it supposed to be.

I give you the cigarettes, but all you need is the drugs.
Saya rasa cigarettes sudah cukup mengkhayalkan,tapi apa yang kamu mahu adalah drugs yang lebih mengasyikkan.
Saya rasa cigarettes and drugs hampir sama. Tapi saya lupa jasad dan nafas mereka berbeza.

Silap satu. Dikira,walau sudah 365 berlalu.
Gembira berjuta. Invisible.
I ruined your lust.and I keep on ruining it again,again and again.

I'm penat.
I quit,honey.
Find me in heaven when you are done with C and D.

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