Tuesday, April 28

Let me tell you a secret.

Frankly speaking, I am not romantic.

Not as much as you are;

who surprised everyone with your flight home from France on April 28th,2007; just for the sake of celebrating birthday with your girlfriend.Who are willing to fly home for only a ten days break;for the sake of spending time with your loved ones.

You,who delivered a bouquet of white and purple daisies right in front of my door in the early morning of my birthday. You, who surprised me with a honk to finally find out that you are standing right in front of the gates carrying a box of cheese cake, grinning.

If I were to write you a love letter,this is never

I may not take a flight to France to surprise you. I may not be able to have a birthday picnic with you. I may not send you a bouquet of roses,neither daisies nor getting you a thousand
dollar gift. But I am here writing for you. To let you know how much I appreciate your presence in my life.

Tengku Ahmad Khairi Tengku Majid.
Happy 21st Birthday.
Just so let you know,

I LOVE you.

No matter if your hair is long,short,spiky or even go bald one day.
No matter if you are thin,fat or go boroi one day. I still do.