Friday, April 10

It just came across my mind.

Sekolah tinggi. High School. Sekolah menengah.

Secondary school seemed so long ago;
where the misty
rainbowed days of simpler worries. Less burden. Myriad of laughs.

Where I would go all mushy and jello when a guy stare and smile the sweetest smile, where my cheek would blush and go all pink when a guy said that I am cute.

Where class meant sleeping time and homework seemed to be thrown away in our own little dustbin.

Real life hits after high school.

Where we found out having a realistic aim is a must.
This is where my cheek would not blush as pink as it used to be whenever you said I'm pretty. This is where I would not go all mushy when you give me that John Mayer's stare.

Some lose touch, some keep in.
Some never bumped ever since, some found each others profile on Facebook.
Some changed a lot, some stay the same.

Sometimes I wonder, how they are doing with their lives.
Have I came across theirs?
Holla ex-classmates. How are you?

Have a great weekend,people!