Monday, March 30

This is serious.

So. It came to an end. End. Noktah satu titik. Tiada apa apa lagi. Berakhir.

But I am glad it ended with an amazing e
nding,glad of knowing the memories will never fade away.

That night. When I thought of that night, I rem
embered how messed up I was. Just got back from work. Punched out early. 30 minutes early.

But it was there, waiting. I knew I was not late. Everyone seemed so happy. With their colorful clothes,5 inches high heels, 3 inches make ups, rambut bersanggul, tudung berkelip kelip,segak bersongkok,berbaju melayu,ber-tie,ber-kot.

So. It was Malaysian Night.(ingat apa yang end?)

So. There I was. The selekeh me. What did you say with a pair of sneakers and baju kurung? no make ups on at all but the sweats of being a busser. What say you, when the other girls were so pretty? A turn off? Nahh,forget it. That's not important. All I knew,we were all happy!

So. Here are some pictures!

pictures credited to: Nazmi, Azri Azhar, Fawwaz and Dil