Monday, March 2

Living life as if you are a diamond at the bottom of the sea

Living in a place where most of them are whites,who partying and got drunk every Friday night,is not easy. Life here is totally different.

I am an alien here.

Walking in the crowds where most of them are blonds and brunettes, I am the only one who wears hijab.Discussing with the other group members in class, I am the only Muslim.Practicing Qi Gong in my Tai Chi class, I am the only one who believes in Allah rather than Jesus.

Am I an alien here?

People asking," Why did you wear that veil around your head?"
-It's because of my religion-I replied.

Living a life I am living now is not easy.
It may looks fun and exciting.But it's not.

You gotta be strong.You gotta have faith in whatever that you believe.Cause I've seen many who lost in this battle.I pray I won't follow their steps.