Sunday, March 22

21. Just a number, or a total change?

It's a total different how my weekend used to be.

2 years ago it was all about watching movie at the cinema, window shopping at the mall, lepak-ing at kedai mamak; particularly Imtiyaz at Seksyen 18,went for a bowling or a short karaoke session in the karaoke box;a total ignorance of books.Oh,oh,I miss those good old days.

It's no longer like that these days.

Weekend here particularly in the States are all about staying at home, doing homework and thinking of how classes will go the next week and preparing for the exams.It's all about getting things done.

I swear,it's THAT bored.

Am I becoming a nerd day after day? or is it just another phase in my life? A phase of getting and growing old,perhaps? or is it one of the cultures here which I just realized?

There's no mamak stall to lepak lepak until 3 pagi, no karaoke box for you to melalak. All they have are pubs and clubs where you can get drunk and dance till morning which I found sgt membosankan.

I envy those who can enjoy the teh tarik at mamaks while have a good chat with friends,beronggeng at MidValley just for fun or having cendol waktu terik tengahari.

Life's way too short.It feels like only yesterday I was a 17.