Sunday, February 8

My man will fix this.

Emptiness and hopeless.

Ever felt life so pathetic by keep on doing mundane stuff each day?As if the world is only about going to school,get a job,married,have kids,become fat and yada yada.

It's true that the same constellation of stars appear each night.It's unarguably true that we stare at the same moon each day,each month,each year and it's the same shards of sunlight that stabbed through the blind,pelting our face with warmness.

Despite all the things that keep on looping and looping,we should not be bored.
That's the theme in Revolutionary Road.Missed Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio after Titanic?Go watch this movie.Sila sila.

Generally,I am not into the movie which revolves around couples arguing,fighting for the so called perfect life.But this movie is different.It makes me think.It makes me realize to be grateful of what I have,of who I am today.It full of emotions.

It's so much more than a showcase for two gifted stars.I am so surprised to see how Kate Winslet manages to be in a really good shape.So kurus lah!

If you want something good to watch over the weekend,this movie is highly recommended.Two thumbs up to Sam Mendes!