Saturday, February 14

Oh Mr.Ex,why do you have to come back on V-day?

I thought you are gone.
But I am so wrong.
Cause you're back in my life.

Back on my Valentine's Day.Back when I am home alone.
Why don't you just go,leave me and just forgot about all of our memories?I have someone in my life.Don't you understand?

I wana go out.I wana feel the sensations of the sunshine.
I wana dance in the moonlight.I wana lie on the green green grass.

Oh Mr.Snow,why do you have to come back?

Yes,you are beautiful,you are dancing gracefully in the air.
But I had enough of freeze and cold.
I had enough of you.

pictures taken:from my bedroom window

I hope you leave as soon as tomorrow.
I still love you.
Come again,next year?
I promise I'll fall even more in love with you.
Be good.You'll be missed.