Wednesday, January 14

Jet, Salji dan Taichi

I am..
I am currently fighting over jetlag. Sleepy by 9pm and can't sleep well at night. Blame the time zone for drowning me into this condition. I guess I am getting back to the US time in the next few days.

I haven't..
I haven't transfer the backpacking-around-Europe pictures into my laptop yet as I'm busy with scheduling the class lately. Getting textbooks,notes and materials ready are not an easy job, at least for me :D

I took Fitness Walking and Taichi as part of the courses this semester.Those are my yeeha yeeha time as I have lots more not yeeha yeeha classes such as Molecular Biology,Biochemistry,Physics as well as Biostatistics.Pity me ;(
note to myself: The temperature drops till -17 celcius tomorrow,snow please go awaayyyy..