Saturday, January 17

If it's his love,it's in his heart

London Nite Life

One week of a blast holiday is over but the memories will remain forever.Absolutely. Yes, the saying which says "You may only take a second to fall in love,but it took you forever to forget" is so true. Flipping through all the pictures taken in Europe, I felt so grateful of the loving memory I had. Thank you partner-in-crime. I ♥ you!

How could I forget the coldness in London while craving for nasi goreng and how we're f+ked up when all the subways and buses tak ada on Christmas Day and we waited for hours at Dollis Hill bus stop like some silly idiots. Haha.

Oh yeah, remember the coldness we had on our way to Tower Bridge,Big Ben and London Eye? I was shivering when the wind blow helplessly but somehow forgot those cold, amazed by the great work of Big Ben and London Castle and took pictures like there's no tomorrow.

I shall call those as memories