Monday, January 19

I wanna dream in the moonlight

Once, I dream of going to Venice and take a stroll along Grand Canal while licking up the beauty of the sunset. It was once, a dream. Yeah, only a dream like any other girl's dream.

Once, I walked through those small spaces among the building they called "streets". I saw a lot of masks hanging on the stall they wore on a carnival. Once, I stood idly for few seconds. This is not a dream. Am I dreaming? Like any other girl's dream?

In my dream,I always think that Venice is cantik and still am.It isn't all just about gondolas and canals. It's more than that. Venice is more than just a romantic place. It's about the culture,the way of living; the culture of hanging clothes on the windows,(despite of the river that flows), the culture of using gondolas.The Italian culture.

Once,I can only dream. I am not anymore.