Saturday, December 13

Who needs reasoning when you have passion?

Today is supposed to be productive.

Finals is next week and I should have finish studying by now. I felt like I wana gigit gigit my Cell Bio lecturer for coming out with such looooooong lectures. Ok,I noe I'm lazy,so sue me..

C'mon la deyyy,even if I'm a robot pun I think I can't remember every single facts.Expect me to remember all the names of bacteria and pathogens? dream on.*dush*

The idea of growing up is so0o thrilling. I mean, I'm just aching for immense unnecessary responsibility. Did I just consider my core subject as "unnecessary responsibility"? Haha.Brilliant.

Well,next week please la moves faster. 3 exams in 3 days and I'm done with this semester.Yeayyy. Wana sleep and dream of my dream guy.Heee.Cz the more you whine bout how sucky or imperfects things are, the more sucky they get.

Let's just hope tommorow to be productive ;)

p/s: Happy Buffday Bun!