Wednesday, December 3

A week of glamour

Travel tips:
1) If you are going to stay in NY for a week and visit like most of the attractions there,you better get subway and NY pass.
2) Ever think hotel in NY is expensive? Wrong. Cause there are a lot of cheap hostels there.So no need to worry :)
3) Take care of your belongings when you walk along Chinatown,Little Italy or Times Square ya.Pick pockets are everywhere.

Times Square

City Birds

"Glamorous, Hip,Happening"

Those 3 words are absolutely not enough to describe New York,one of the metropolitan cities in the world. It's more than glamor, it's not just about hip and it's much more happening than what's in mind.

So there I was, in the middle of the hustle and bustle city,walking across every inches of its avenues. I swear this city never sleep. Never even a minute the street is empty. Never even in a blink of an eye no one cross the road. Never even a single seconds the city stop breathing. Never.

New York feeds the hunger of seeing skyscrapers by its Empire State Building and Trump Tower, satisfies the lust for the loud sound from its world-known yellow taxi, quench the thirst for beautiful views by its Statue of Liberty, Central Park and Broadway.

After all, NY is not as clean as what you think. Every inches of my walk is accompanied by the little tiny sampah. After all,NY is not really the city full of opportunities. I watched people shivering, slept in cold at the backstreet of the building. I can see in the eyes of the beggars that they are suffering.

After all, New York is worth a visit. I can see people from the very high status in life who only wears Gucci, Chanel or Coach and only ride in a 10 doors limo to those who only afford to eat a single slice of bread sleeping with a tiny piece of box as a comforter .

It shows how grateful I should be with the life I live