Saturday, December 20

Pretty Pink Ribbon

It had always dawned on me,over and over again in my head,in every steps of my walk, every bath I took, every single beat of my heartbeats.

It's there.

I'm one of a kind who don't give a shit of whatsoever people would say towards my action.If I think a shoes is comfy and a dress is
cantik,I don't care if people said it's buruk.But when it comes to mum's or and dad's who took the criticizing part,I care,I listen and I follow.

They always put me in a crossroad where I have to sit and think back of my action. I just did,seconds ago.I know mum particularly is sooo worried when I told her I'm going to London over this Christmas break.I don't doubt it, as she is all flesh and blood. But sometimes (or maybe all the times) I wish she could've not worried so much.

Sometimes I feel like I'm still a little girl who needs lollipop,wears tiny little pink ribbon and carries around teddy bear.

Can you please put a lil faith in me?