Thursday, November 20

You just know

I had biochem test this morning and basically I'm done with the mid-term! Yeayyyyy.Finals waiting but they are like a month away,so tak perlu risau. That's a chewah ok!

Now I just can't wait for thanks giving break. Yeeeeeha. Will be going to New York ye tuan puan.Been busy for the past few weeks. Deadlines,tests,all those shitty things and now I reallyyyy need a get away. I have to get out from State College,seriously.

Well,when you get busy,something around you will tell you that -
"Yeah,ur gettin busy"-sign like,

+your laundry basket is overload.sampai tak boleh nak muat even your baby T(s)
+your books,papers and pens are all over the place in your room
+you are sleepy everytime you wake up
+you feel like skipping your 11.15am class-tho clas tu start lmbt
+you only got a chance to talk to your bf like only 5mins on the phone
+you only makan or masak simple2 like telur goreng.

Hahaha.Exam's over.No more busy days.So basically,there's no more masak simple2 tonite okayy. We make our own pizzas with lotsa and lotsa topping.Ain called the pizza as the pizza paling sedap pernah di jumpai di atas muka bumi Amerika.*cheers*Also muni cook us her best-est lasagna in the world.Seriously it was f+king sedap!Nakk lagi

Also,had a f+king superb of cuci jamban time with Ain! Feels like those naughty school kids yg ponteng2 and smoking kena denda.God knows what the hell of bnda yg kami telah pegang.Haha

.Bed is waving,like crazy.And it's irresistible.Nite ppl

p/s:I'll upload the pics of our sedap pizza+lasagna.