Sunday, November 2

Weekend Terhebat

The Halloween party was fabulous and the Hershey Park was amazing.I had a fantastic weekend.The park successfully pumped my adrenaline with their 97-degree roller coaster.Fuh! What a ride! Sweating beb. I didn't manage to naik all rides,just around 6-7 rides. Really want to maen air but the water ride was close on that day.Sob sob.Sedih ;(

And you know what? There's a Kissing Tower at Hershey Park.We went up there and saw few couple were kissing. The preparation for this ride were moisten lips and pucker up.Sinful betul! Haha :D

Ok since it's Hershey Park,so there were lots and lots of chocolate of course. Mcm mcm ade. From kisses to peanut chocolate. Went for a ride in the chocolate factory and it felt like we're in the Charlie & The Choc Factory. The choc aroma sgt best and we were f+ing ravenous as we only ate french fries for the whole day.

Sgt seronok ok. And my ahad is even more sinful with just lying on the bed almost 12 hours layan fb,upload pictures and stuff.Mentang mentang baru habis exam katakan.*wink* ;)

So,here some pictures..