Thursday, November 6

Nenek Vouge

Election day was over. Let it be either the country all around the globe or ours, I know nothing about politics. Zero interest.

I'd rather be reading to Seventeen than flipping through the boring Times. I'd rather watch America's Next Top Model or OMG! than hear to McCain speech the night when Republican lose. I'd rather think of what I have to do tomorrow than think of what Barack Obama will do for the country.

Despite of my "tak peduli", I am hoping that Obama, the 1st black President in history will do something for the world's population. More harmony,love and peace with less discrimination and war.After all, glad that I am in the US when this history was created. What happened yesterday will surely be stated in our next generation text book.

So one day I can proudly tell my cucu cicit,
"Oh,nenek belajar kt US masa 1st black president was elected"