Thursday, October 23


The weather is unbearable.It's 5celcius outside
It's effing cold and the wind blows as if it wants to carry you away.
I hate cold. Yeah,I hate the fact that Malaysia is too panas. But I didn't expect fall to be this cold. It makes my skins become very very dry.Hate to sapu lotion everytime before I go to bed.

I think I miss home.
I miss my mom and dad.
So bad.
And last nite I'm craving for kerang bakar and called mama and asked her to post the kerang for me. Mama laughed and said "Senaraila makanan yg nk makan.Nnt balik Malaysia senang mama nak masak".Adoi.I want it now,not when I'm back la ma..

I think I miss everyone.
Impossible to list down each and everyone as the list will go on..and on..and on.
I want to have a great makan makan tak ingat dunia time
I think I miss him too.
I think of him last nite and text him. :(

Can't wait for the winter break.
Can't wait for the summer vacation

Saya mahu pulang.
Sebab rumah saya best