Saturday, October 11

Loving Weekend

Finally,weekend is here. I have been waiting for it since last monday morning and it's been a while since I had a super lazy Sunday. Last weekend was hell. OMG, how I lurrve weekend. Now, I have a new enemy and her name is weekdays. Hate her as she is f+king sucks! Gotta wake up early because of her. I have to walk fast because of her. She is full of work. work. work. work. I spent 60 percent of my boring life for her. I hope my calculation is right. and if I didn't get it right, then I blame her for using so much of my brain cells.

I need a fresh start. I need a super lazy Sunday. I want to stuck onto the couch all day,too lazy to even go out. I want more than 7 hours sleep. I am too tired to even talk. Too tired to even eat. Wana watch TV all day long. Wana dream about the greatest dreams. Wana beronggeng till dawn.

Oh,somehow I realize how sinful that lazy Sunday is..

p/s:Oh ya,someone's boyfren is coming tonite! tumpang gumbira untuk kamu!