Wednesday, October 8

I am so proud

I was walking down South Allen Street carrying a plastic of take away fried rice last evening when I heard someone behind me said, "Nice smell". I turned around and there was a mat saleh guy,grinning. "Oh, it's from Big Bowl",I replied. Then our conversation continues as follow,

The Guy: "Big Bowl? I never been there. Where is it?"
Me: "Oh,you should try.It's good. It's next to Maclanahan downtown"
The Guy: "Oh really.I would love to give it a try.Anyway, where are you from?"
Me: "I'm from Malaysia"
The Guy: "Oh,what happen to Mahathir Mohammad?"
Me: "You know him?Wow.He's retired. And Abdullah Badawi take over"
The Guy: "I know Mahathir.He's an amazing prime minister."
Me: "Yeah..He's great"

..we talked til I arrived at Allen Park and he continued his walking..

Yeah,I know it's lame. But I'm proud when a stranger who I met on the street know who my former prime minister is. I am so proud. Maybe you feel like it's lame. But you gotta experienced it yourself. Only then you know how proud you'll feel..

Sayang Malaysia