Sunday, October 26

Follow your heart

Warning:Entry is long but interesting ;)

Go.Don't go.Go

Heart says :
Oh just go.It's just for a few minutes
No,no.You got lotsa work so you better stay.
Don't listen to your mind.Just go and have fun girl

Heart won.

I got that kind of situation last evening of making decision whether to go to my foster family's place or not. Got some notes to read and I have no mood of going out.No mood of socializing. Mind said no but heart said yes. And obviously in most situation,heart will win.

So at 545pm,Mel aka my dad in State College fetched me and 2 of my friends Rabbit and Mard to his place. The double storey house is beautifully decorated with English style. Pure English style I must say,with a mini garden in front. Since only Ema (m um) and Mel (dad) live there,that house seems quite big for two.It feels like home though. Oh yes, Helen is there too for the dinner. (Helen is Ema's bestfriend)

We ate lotsa American food like baked corn,shrimp,nachos and bread. The baked corn is yummy! And I had peach and apple pie with 2 scoops of ice cream for the dessert. Yummy! Helen asked me to tried out Sassafras tea and it's good. Sassafras is actually tea made from the root of tree and it feels like mint.

Everyone's full and it's a great time to play Dominoes! Seronok cz I'm the winner for the game.Yeay! Took photos and went back bout 10pm to Allen Park.

Tired,but worth it. Next time I'll have the pie-baking session with Ema and Mel promised us to bwk us jln2. Love you ;)

Here are some pix

Mard with Helen and Ema

Ema is sad when we wana leave ;(

The house

Dining room

The pix of Grace and Zachary (the grandchildren)