Sunday, October 12

Buffday! Uber Fun

Drowning in Cell Biology. Oh,it's f+king sucks babe. Spending my weekend to read all those f+king complicated facts. Oh oh oh. I'm in love with you. You. you and you. Yes,you. Haha. Sounds like I'm already mereng. ;)

Oh,it's someone's BIRTHDAY today. Yeay yeay.
Sweet Nadia

Celebrated. Last nite. With tepung, telur and cream fight. Oh yeah. It's fun! Haha. Everyone was crazy attacking each other. As usual, mangsa yang paling teruk. Of course the buffday girl. Who else? Hahaha. After all, it's your buffday. You must be the victim. [evil laugh]

kek.oh kek.

ain: menggedik

fokus: bunga from pacar

buffday girl: badly injured.

tuan rumah: super marah.rumah kotor

antara mangsa terburuk

pose after the fight

haha.uber kotor+super vain

buffday girl+nana

Talking about nadia, sorry for all the drama that had happened between us. Sorry cz being so bitchy to you. Sorry for all the wrong things I did. Sorry for all the wrongdoings. I love you, like I did yesterday.

Hope you have a great time,last nite
Hope you
kawen cepat ngn Iz
you stay bitchy.Haha
you ade anak comel-comel
Hope you ade
super cool husband
Hope you happy ngn
Vaio baru you
Hope you
masak best-best n hantar rumah I
Till then