Wednesday, October 15

Can hardwork beats genius?

I don't know. But as far as I know I tried my best but things don't change. Not even a bit. Worse maybe. Tired of it. Tired of struggling but got nothing in the end. Tired of seeing others who don't make great effort but turn out to be a star. Tired of pretending I'm ok when things are not. Tired of smiling when heart is screaming out loud. Tired of being strong when I am so fragile inside.

Haish =(

Biology sucks. Biochemistry as well. I know. We are not destined to be together. Sometimes, I think taking biotechnology is a mistake. A BIG mistake. Tell me people, do I have any other choice?
I need a spirit. A spirit to fight. A spirit which has fly far far away from me. A spirit to revenge. A spirit to fly high,again. Cause it feels so bad like this.

A best friend of mine said, "Be like a phoenix.Rise from the ashes". That is what I want. This is what I treasure.

But how?