Friday, October 3

4 things that has changed eversince I came to US are....

1) When it comes to food, I tought that I can't survive without Maggi Cili Sauce or whateva cili sauce. Back in Malaysia, it's a must. Kewajipan yg mesti ade in every meal. But I never tought that I can live without it! Finally yay! yay! (mestikah aku hepi). I started to have fries with tomato sauce and also thick cheese. Very very thick. The most UNBELIEVABLE thing

2) I ride a bicycle! It must be a hahahaha if I ride a bike on the road. The 20-year old girl riding a bicycle scene is something hahahaha in Malaysia. But I did it here in Pennsylvania. And it's good for your health.Nyet...nyet..nyet..

3) I started to walk fast! I was a nyet...nyet..nyet...snails. Nyet nyet here and there in my hometown,neva care bout time at all. But things changed, from a snails I become a jet pejuang. Walking from downtown to campus just in a blink of an eye. wah wah wah..

4) Face-booking.