Thursday, October 2

There's you

4:24 am ..and im so in jiwang mode


If love is though will it still be your virtue,
Will you feel you’ve had enough or will you still hold it true.

If love is cruel can you still be kind,
If love’s a rule will you step out of line.


If love was true what will I say?
I’d say I love you and together we shall stay.


a call 10 mins before your test,that's what I call care
a maaf zahir batin malam raya pertama on the phone, that's what I call respect
a secret told when it's untold to anyone else, that's what I call trust
a "tak ape" when your gone for days, that's what I call compromise
a feeling that lingers around me every second,
and a hearbeat that keeps on beating for every second of my life..that's love babe.

Oh I miss you